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March/03/2012 - 2 notes

Internet Bullying.

I only have a few things to say about internet bullying/harassing. First off, I just want to apologize in advance if I offend anyone, because I usually 9 times out of 10 end up offending people. Even when I’m trying NOT to offend people. This is just how I feel about the subject and I’ve been asked several times to express how I feel, and to give some advice. So here it goes.

Internet bullying to me, is a joke. Why? Because it’s the INTERNET, a place full of millions of people with millions of different views, opinions, and personalities. When you have thousands of people in one place, someone is BOUND to disagree on something. And when personalities and opinions clash… fighting breaks out. And from personal experience, a disagreement IS the main cause for harassment. I only get called an ignorant ugly slug licking biotch when I object to someone’s statement either on facebook, tumblr, or twitter. When someone is mean to me, i don’t care. Because I don’t take the internet seriously.

If you don’t want to be bullied, then stay off the internet. The internet is filled with mostly teenagers, with teenage angst who get relief from their stressful life by being mean on the internet. There are 2 types of internet bullies. People who are mean to other people because there is something going on in their life. And that’s how they deal with their problems, by bullying others. And then there are trolls, who scavenge the internet for people to pick on, because it’s funny. Either way, if you’re getting bullied by some random person that you don’t even know on the internet, just lighten up. Internet bullying is becoming SUCH a huge deal and I have NO idea why.

Censoring the internet is up for debate. That’s what SOPA was all about (or atleast that’s what you IDIOTS portrayed it to be all about when it was actually MORE SO directed towards so you can’t download copyrighted and counterfeit goods anymore.) I feel like when you’re telling people to STOP bullying, you’re taking away their freedom of speech. I shouldn’t have to limit what I say because it hurts your feelings. I should be able to tell you that you’re dumb and that I hate you because I do. Millions of people were against SOPA for the main reason being that it would censor the internet. (even though it would ONLY squelch free speech by giving private parties power to effectively cripple sites that allegedly — but not conclusively — steal copyrighted content.) Whether you understand SOPA or not, what you DO understand is that you don’t want the internet to be censored. If you’re against SOPA, you can’t be against bullying, because then you’re contradicting yourself.  

I am considered an internet troll. People tell me all the time I’m a bully. I’m a bully in the sense that I object to almost everything, because I have counter opinions, and I’m unbelievably stubborn. (the worst combination possible) I start a lot of contraversy, everywhere I go. And when I’m in an argument with someone, I don’t say dumb things to offend them. I give cold hard evidence that usually ends up offending people because the human race is ignorant and they want to believe what they were taught and raised to believe in, and what everyone else believes in. Anyone who opposes, is automatically wrong to them. And yes, I’ve gotten several million messages from facebook warning me that I’ve been reported x amount of times for bullying and harassment. It’s funny because I have never once offended someone by calling them mean names. I offend them because I like to argue, because I LOVE to be challenged. And I LOVE to prove people wrong.

The jist of it is that you need to stop caring so much. If bullying to you is people calling you ugly, or fat, then so what? You’re obviously the prettier and better person if the person calling you those names is SO insecure about themselves to the point where they have to pick out other people’s flaws — half the time those statements aren’t even true. They just don’t have anything else to say. — And if bullying to you is what it is to me, then keep standing up for what you believe in. Keep challenging people. Keep trolling forums and arguing to your hearts content. Internet Bullying IS a joke. It’s people sitting behind their screens, acting big and bad because they can. Because it’s the internet. If bullying is a serious problem for you then I wrote down a few things, that I think are helpful.

Things you can do:
-Stop taking the internet so seriously.
-Apologize. Consider the possibility that this person is being mean to you, because you offended them first.
-Realize that mean names from strangers on the internet aren’t offensive at all. They are just words being typed by some insecure troll behind a screen. And usually more than half the time the things they say are untrue.
-put the bully in their place by coming up with a witty comeback.
-block the bully. (People take the block button for granted. All you have to do is block someone and they’re gone forever.)

And whatever you do, stay calm and be the bigger person.


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